Across A Continent In An XCub | Part 3

Three. Trois. Tres. In the most recent journey in the XCub, me and @Butter_Boi (@Errigal for a bit of the flight) made our way from Sutton (2IL5) to Blytheville (KHKA). We followed the Ohio River until it joined with the Mississippi River, which we followed to North-East Arkansas. I hope you like the photos!

The sun rises, hitting me and Butter_Boi’s XCubs shortly before departure.

Gaining altitude as Margarine_Man backtracks (?)

On a downwind as Grease_Guy rotates out of Sutton

Cruising away from Southern Illinois

After (probably) overspeeding to catch up with us, Errigal overshoots our flight

Expert server

no violations were received during our mini airshow

Me and Bovine_Bro approaching Blytheville, Arkansas

Me sitting in the grass as Milk_Male rolls down the runway after buttering

Sitting with the engines off, after a day couple hours of flying

I hope you enjoyed the photos!

those synonyms for Butter and Boi took too long

¿oʇoɥԀ ǝʇᴉɹoʌɐℲ
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The puns with my name are so cringy yet so clever at the same time. 😂

Anyway, awesome photos like every other time! I plan on joining you for the rest of the flight.


If you can’t tell, I’m really bored now 😂

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