Across A Continent In An XCub | Part 2

The second part of the cross-country XCub flight is here. After leaving Beers Farm (PN73), where we left off last time, we did a flight across the Pennsylvania-Ohio border, to Twin Ash (OI88). After a short break, we made our way through Indiana, and down to Southern Illinois, where we stopped for the day, in Sutton (2IL5). Enjoy!

Route: PN73 - OI88 - 2IL5
Aircraft: XCub
Pilots: @Aviation108 and @Errigal
Flight Time: Who knows

Part 1

Sitting at Beers Farm, getting ready to taxi

Turning west, towards Ohio

Entering Ohio over the Ohio River

I wonder if this is how Laura parks the XCub in real life…

Stopping for a short break at Twin Ash, and we get a nice view of the smiling XCub

Leaving OI88, going to the Racing Capital of America

A beautiful day for VFR flying. Not a cloud in the sky! 😉

This route has some truly beautiful scenery!

A nice tail shot

After a smooth hard mediocre landing in Sutton, we’ve got the engines off, and the doors open

Well, I hope you enjoyed round 2 of the photos! Let me know what you thought!

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Awesome photos!

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Tge trop is getting better each time!

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Lol that x cub in picture 4, nice photos

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Amazing photos!

Can’t wait to join both of you on your next leg!

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Can’t wait to fly with you!

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Nice photos!
That’s also how I park the Xcub (photo 4).

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That’s amazing I whant to do that to one day

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It’s the only way to park it ;)

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I know now how to crash 🤣 I like it


Happy birthday

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It is actually not my birthday today. It is my 3 year IFC anniversary. Anyways thank you mate. 😊


Awesome photos!!

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