I have notaced a bunch of abreivations after peoples names on the forum, and was wondering if anyone knew what all of these ment, I know IFATC, but cant figure out the other ones, a complete list would be nice, but any info would be great👍.


The only list I know of on here.

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IFAE - Infinite Flight Airport Editing

Most of the others are IFC (Community Forums) and then VAs.


There are quite a few!

-IFAE is Infinite Flight Global Aviation Experts
-IFGAF is Infinite Flight Global Air Force
-TFC is Tailwinds Flying Club
-EAG is Embark Air Guard
-USCG is United States Coast Guard

Hope this helps!



I know there is a topic on this, let’s see if I can help.
Here’s some that may be on peoples names:

IFAE: Infinite Flight Aviation Experts (Or IF Airport editors)
IFFG: Infinite Flight Fan group


I believe most of the Tailwind Flying Club is TFC


Haha! Whoops! I’ll change that.

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BAVA is British Airways Virtual Airline. DLVA is Delta Virtual Airline and AAVA is American Airlines Virtual Airline

IFC - Infinite Flight Community

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Here’s the topic with most of the commonly used abbreviations. And an updated one (but they’re both closed)


IFAF is the one and only Infinite Flight Air Force

IFAE well some people say it is IF Airport Editors but some say it is something called IF Aviation Experts

Then VA ones are similar to the VA name usually so not hard to work out examples include

DLVA - Delta VA (i think)
TFC - Tailwinds Flying Club
IFAF - previously mentioned^^^

I actually think there is a need for a database of these abbreviations as i am left wondering sometimes! Its a thought!

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Guys, let’s avoid just relisting ones that have been stayed above…

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Yeah sorry! @Kirito_77

I am going to work on a database for this guys as i think even the most long time memebers may learn a thing or two from this!

You can use the abbreviations from the old database above and just add in the new ones.

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KPIT: Keeping Pittsburgh Indefinitely the Topic

I know that one :)


To continue further, I have requested that my pilots fly with ASG under their name, signifying Aerosync Group. So if you ever see me, now you know what my display name means

UVA = United Virtual Airlines

ATCEG = ATC Events Group. Some of the abbrevations are spelled out on the IFVARB database:

Well, in my case the meaning is INFINITE FLIGHT BRASIL.

I am part of a Brazilian group of IF; At the time of defining my identification, I added the acronym of the group.