Acrobatics violation removal

Today I was taxing to runway 25L at LAX and I guess the ground didn’t want to work so I fell into the ground, which made my A321do a front flip which gave me a violation. Is there a way I can get this removed?

I have the replay, I’m just not sure how to share it, if anyone knows how, please let me know


Since this is a Level 1 violation, you cannot message the appeals group, however sending a message over to @moderators should suffice.

I’d also recommend clearing your scenery cache to help prevent something like this occurring again.

Hey! Please PM @appeals with the replay file and they’ll get it sorted out for you. is a great resource to use

Wow that sucks. I don’t really know how to change it tho

Unfortunately I can’t due to it being a LVL 1 violation

Since this violation came about because of a glitch, it can get appealed. I would also recommend clearing your scenery cache to avoid this happening again.


Yeah that’s what I was thinking, I know why it happened, it just a bit frustrating getting a violation due to a glitch

This has happened to me before, probably the exact same spot as I was taxiing to either 25R/25L I can’t remember. Like everyone else said contact mods and they can get it appealed. Don’t delete your replay for now, they need prove. Kinda weird that this happened at LAX I’m guessing the same spot it happened for me

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Do you have the replay?

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Yep! It happens from time to time. If it was because of the glitch, you’ll definitely get the violation removed.

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Appeals can be used for the same purpose. Either one is okay.


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