Acrobatics at near by airport problem

Problem here

I was doing some pattern work with ATC on Expert in a fighter

Anyway, sure I was doing some sharp turns and flying 270 knots
But then I got the Acrobatics warning
So I slowed down and stables out for that to go away, but it did not, after 10 seconds, I knew I was seconds away from a violation, so I ended the flight

Why did the warning not disappear?
I stable out when it did

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Next time do it in casual or solo. This doesn’t belong in the ES in the first plance:) It’s probably cause you were still going to fast and turning. Idk

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Alright then

I’m not 100% sure on how the violation system works in this scenario so I won’t attempt to comment on that to prevent confusion. I do have a question, though.

Out of pure curiosity, you weren’t told to slow down? Going 270 knots in the pattern seems excessive.

I just went 270 during downwind
at base i slow right down

270kts during downwind is still excessive. Keep it 210 or below, I’d say.


You can still do patterns in a fighter on ES, but you would know (as your profile says you’re in IFATC) that the controller appreciates if you keep your speed at or below about 220kts so you’re not catching up with any other planes. But I also am not sure how the acrobatics violation system works.

Edit: It appears Toaster beat me to it


alright then
below 210 knots

Haha, sorry Rob!

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