Acrobatic violations after a crash

Today I was at WSSS expert server and i tried to take off what I failed to do it ended in a bank to the right and crashed I leaved as fast as possible but I did get two acrobatic violations after I accidentally crashed.

In my opinion this should be reversed because the violations happened after he crashed. I don’t know what others think and what thier logic is.


Yea that is what happens sometimes, unfortunately, the policy is for violations to not be removed unless it was a glitch. Sorry. I don’t want to tag him but Shlly can come around and pull up the flight recording data if he has the time.


I mean, it was a glitch if it happened after the crash.

Wow that’s kind of strict and a bit dumb I couldn’t do Anything I tried to control it btw are you IFATC aid staff ???

I am IFATC, but I am not staff. The reason the violations cannot be reversed is that the cause of them was pilot error.

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The glitch is it happened after the crash. He couldn’t do anything after the crash as the game pauses

Well I didn’t do it on purpose not my fault that the calibration button don’t work properly

How do you know you got the violations after crashing?

What’s your display name and callsign?

It happened before because my plane was banking to the left for some reason

Based on the infomation I have, it happened after he crashed. Violations shouldn’t happen after a crash.

Since you got the violations before the crash, your violations will remain as you banked to the left (pilot error) triggering the 2 “Aerobatics Violations”


It happened automatically suddenly it lifted to early that’s a glitch for ya

My opinion this isn’t fear I couldn’t do Anything to avoid the stupid bank angel I tried my best!

Relax no one here can speak for FDS just wait until a mod responds.

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I just looked at the logs and it looked like you received these violations at about 35ft above the ground.

What steps had you taken before flight? For example:

  • Was the autopilot on/off.
  • Device calibrated

Device was calibrated auto pilot was OFF

Being handled via PM. Thanks for the input folks.