Acrobatic maneuver violation

Just a friendly reminder to those of you who might be practicing stalls or any maneuvering outside of the norm on the expert server, alone in a region, roughly 2 miles from the nearest most remote airstrip in the region, over the ocean, with literally not one single aircraft sharing the entire region, you will be given a violation. It seems as if a stall into a recover can constitute as a acrobatic maneuver. Who knew this machine could assume my intentions.

That should be done on solo :-)

Use Casual.

Or Causual, yes. No one really cares what you do on Casual.

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I have had those as well. Pretty annoying. I generally use solo so the machine won’t predict a acrobatic maneuver before I taxi…

Lol, the machine can see your every move!

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Now I know. 400+ in exp and hours. Only 26 violations. My last V came with the Dash. I rarely “expreiment”. Just didn’t know.

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