Acrobat Violation

I was just flying a Cessna 172 into VTSP on auto pilot. The speed fell too low in a turn. Auto pilot couldn’t recover itself and flipped my plane upsidedown. I crashed and my flight ended with an acrobat violation. I was downgraded to a grade 3. Is this fair? It’s not like I was flying the plane myself, and purposefully doing acrobats near an airport. And I was on the training server. Display name IFRF - Adam - TG203

unfortunately you are the pilot and command and are responsible for your speed and autopilot. I don’t see anything wrong with the app here so it’ll probably stand I’m afraid unless you can prove it was a bug.

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Actually, the C172 does have some issues where the aircraft is literally uncrashable. It wasn’t really his fault, so I think there’s a chance it could be reversed.

@Adam_R do contact @appeals with your replay. Cheers!


and what I quoted below ultimately resulted in a stall which gave them a vio. They are responsible to maintain a suitable speed.

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I know, but the violation was not for that. It was for “aerobatics”.

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I’ve had this happen to me. I just kept it, because I knew it was my fault that I didn’t control the aircraft properly. GA aircraft never/rarely trigger the crash screen, so…

It happened to me once I was cruising then suddenly the plane just starts descending down and crashes.

It has happened to me several times, in expert server. I would usually quit the game. Until unless if you are able to recover with a warning alone.
I think the warning phase is 60 sec after which if you are still not able to correct it or recover violation is triggered.
Experienced Aviators can confirm about that 60 sec warning phase whether is there for all or only for specific violations.

Once again as @Asher stated any aircraft going that slow on a turn that has the autopilot engaged without tracking your speed could lead very well into a stall and next thing you know your in a spin.

If I were you I would try not to turn as much on turns and making sure you know your speed and it is a reliable airspeed to continue to make your turn and coming out of the turn.

Autopilot is one of many tools to help you fly safely, and over-reliance on it could lead to a crash. You’re the pilot in command, so you’re responsible for the safe operation of the aircraft – autopilot isn’t.

Please contact appeals if you have level 1 violations from a demonstrable app issue or glitch. Thanks!