AcornPlayz’s ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @ FQMA

This is my ATC tracking thread. I am going to retake my written exam soon so I wanted to get some feedback. My older tracking thread was closed because it was inactive as I was too busy because of school to play IF.

Notams: I recommend GA aircraft as this airport. 2 runways will be in operation.
Airport: FQMA
Server: Training
Status: Closed
Please leave feedback!

Welcome back!

Overall, good controlling.

One thing that I noticed was that you gave a “make X traffic” during every pattern clearance. This is not needed as you have given me a direction to fly on my take off clearance. You would issue a “make X traffic” when you have changed runway or for other genuine reasons. I can’t comment on your sequencing as I was the only aircraft.

Furthermore, I would suggest opening an airport with 2 or more runways so that you can practice runway changes.

Hope this helped and see you as part of IFATC soon!

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Thank so for the feedback! I’ll take a look at an airport with 2 runways.

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Nice controlling!

You did everything well but in my opinion the Cleared for the option command was always a bit late.

Good luck for the test!

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Thanks for the feedback! I’ll send the clearance earlier.

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Good job:) mainly the thing I saw wrong was what Alan said with the giving of pattern instructions everytime… other then that good job :)

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