AcornPlayz ATC Tracking Thread [CLOSED] @ KFOE

This is my ATC tracking thread. This thread’s purpose is to inform where and when I am doing ATC. Any feedback on my controlling is greatly appreciated as i’m going to take a retest in 2 weeks. Please check my lasted reply for where I am controlling!

Are you qualified to control all positions?

Are you open right now? Because I cant see which airport you are open at.

On my way as PH-ADZ. See you there.

Nice work at KMIB. I saw some nice controlling, and a few errors.

  • Transistion: good. 5000 feet for an airport at 1666 feet, should keep me away from patterns.
  • I was a new inbound and didn’t receive a pattern entry instruction, only a sequence. New inbounds need to receive first a pattern entry instruction.
  • the little aircrafts doing pattern work, all received a new pattern entry instruction. This is not needed. Remember: pattern entry instructions are only for new inbounds and runway changes.
  • don’t use a 360 on an aircraft on downwind leg, for spacing. Use sequencing. “Sequencing is your friend”. Use it as much and as often is needed to ensure who needs to follow who.
  • no new clearance after reporting on final ‘full-stop’. Good!
  • exit instruction (came a bit late): good
  • never just clear a new inbound. always first a pattern entry instruction.

I hope this feedback is of use. Any question, send me a PM 😊

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Thanks! See you there.

Thanks. Will listen to your advice.


Aircrafts doing patterns do no get pattern entry instructions, unless they are changing the runway.

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I was there as Fedex 492/N701FX. Great job!
In the future:

  • Remember to give landing/option clearances (the only reason that I reported my final twice was because you forgot to clear me)

  • You don’t need to tell me to enter a downwind each time I complete a pattern.

  • As @azeeuwnl mentioned, the 360 for FedEx 1089 was unnecessary, just use sequencing.

Other than that great job, keep practicing and apply for IFATC soon!


Thanks for the advice! Thanks for the advice, wont give people instructions to enter downwind after completing a pattern. And I was kinda distracted so i forgot to clear you. Hope you have a good day and see you around another day!

Hi I was there as Fedex 1089. You did a great job controlling us. Despite those few things they mentioned you did great! Those few things were only a fraction of what you amazingly. Keep up the great work and I hope to see you as IFATC soon!

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Hey. Thanks so much for the great feedback!

Such a shame that I can’t get to you now as I am currently flying. Because I have seen you a couple of times on my ES sessions. And I think I remember you from somewhere else too.

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Yea, I kind of fly too much on the ES. Lol.


Was there for a few patterns as N479QT (Cessna Citation). It looks like have you already incorporated some of the feedback on this thread. A few things:

  • You gave me pattern entry instructions when I was inbound from another airport. Great. Keep in mind the pattern entry inst should proceed the clear for the option vs. after.
  • After the first T&G you cleared me for the option and gave me RW exit inst again (make right traffic). You only need to do that on the first C4O unless RW or pattern dir changes.
  • I reported as on right DW for T&G while already in the pattern. You replied Roger which is fine. You can also tell people they are already cleared land and the avoid unnecessary reports if you like. More helpful when busier to reduce workload. @azeeuwnl has also counseled me to let things go somethings so there’s that. :)
  • Think about controlling as a two runway airport to practice RW changes (new pattern entry instr) and resequencing. I asked to change to the opposite direction since I was the only one there but you came back with unable. The right controller call since the wind then picked up to 17kn. :) I was up for the challenge though. On a simulator you can be both an old and bold pilot. :)
  • You correctly replied with Roger when I reported right DW for full stop. Was a bit of challenge for me to do so in a tight bank. :)

All in all you did great. Thanks for controlling and seeking feedback!


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Thanks for the amazing feedback and you did a nice landing! Will probably move to an airport with 2 runways like you said to get things more interesting.

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