ACJ problems

Device: IPad 7th gen
Operating system: IOS 1

Hello everyone
I was taking a few photos when I noticed the ACJ 5 picture on the menue is different from in game.

This is the ACJ 5 picture on the menue:

This is it in game:

As you can see the winglets in game are the sharklet versions while the menu shows the old type. Previously these things were fixed quite fast since the only seem to require an “over the air update”. Hopefully this can be fixed.

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Hello, the devs know about it. They’ll fix it whenever they can.

Is not the first thread about it… :)

Ahhh thanks, I was a little surprised since the Sun Country and Belavia ones were fixed so fast.


It’s been an issue “addressed” for 4 years, I guess devs are way too busy to fix it… 😴


It’s a funny Easter Egg at this point, not something worth addressing with extreme precision or care as it is minuscule.

I’d disagree. For one, It is not “minuscule”, a livery’s tail being off by a bit or a tiny paint error is “minuscule”, not something like this which is blatantly obvious even to the untrained eye. Most people use the preview to look at the plane they will fly, and this throws them off.

It is also quite easy to address as it only needs a new picture uploaded or a configuration change. Refer to Cam’s post:

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