ACJ a220-300

Overview of the ACJ TwoTwenty

The ‘ACJ TwoTwenty’ was launched in October of last year and has opened many new opportunities for business jet travel. The aircraft includes a full business jet layout, something not yet featured in any aircraft in infinite flight.

Why vote for this?

People will be voting mostly for the Swiss, Air Canada, Delta liveries etc, but why vote for them when they are pretty much guaranteed to be added, right? Currently, Infinite Flight lacks any Airbus Corporate Jets or Boeing Business Jets so this would be something new and fresh for all Infinite flight pilots. There are currently 6 orders for the -100 variant and 2 orders for the -300 variant.


Note that liveries for the ACJ may vary. Private customers in the real world will customise the aircraft. but any business jet looking livery would be cool

Thank you for reading!
Please consider giving the ACJ220 a vote as this would be something new and exciting for Infinite Flight.

Have a look at this👇

Love this! It would be great to see this in infinite flight, especially with the private jet configurations!

I have no votes but would love this!!

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@TwoTwenty thanks

Great idea!

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On it thanks 👍

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