Achieved Orbit in F-22?

Imagine if we had autopilot for the f-22! We could reach orbit so easily

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Here’s the highest I’ve gotten (using a different method 🙂), though it was an f-14.


This is earth when I hit the ceiling.

Tried to do this challenge. Ended up hitting the ceiling of the game. Didn’t move though, it was really hard to get control over the plane since it was spinning so fast.


Before or after global? Nevermind I just realized the low fuel sign.

Wow, did you take any photos of the earth from up there ?

Just edited my post and put some pictures of the earth.

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How you got this high?

Don’t know, probably a glitch.

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Used the normal methode?

No, I couldn’t. My plane was out of control :/

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it’s Just a matter of time before someone crashes into the moon😂


I think my orbit is a bit higher than your orbit


How… just how…?😂

I followed @Xpheros instructions. He’s the brilliant non-beta mind who discovered

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I would say that @Adrien was the first one who discovered reaching space back in beta. then he told me. Then I think I showed @DeerCrusher and then the whole beta team kinda worked it out and spent a good day or 2 orbiting the planet.


If I remember good, @Adrien wasn’t the one who first explored space, it had already been done by @epaga and @schyllberg.


It was actually Laura (Matt technically) who first showed us

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I reached about 140,000 and glitched today. I thought I was doing well until I got here.


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