Achieved Orbit in F-22?

I attempted to break my existing altitude record of 180,000 feet in the F-22 Raptor but instead my climb abruptly stopped at 143,000 and my groundspeed abruptly went down to equal the wind speed, and I’m now being blown around by the wind. Oh, did I mention the plane has started twitching uncontrollably? 😂

Not really an issue that needs fixing per se as there’s no logical reason as to why anybody would need to be up that high in the first place.

(Yes I know I could easily have taken the screenshots mid descent but that’s how it looked, the V/S started twitching between -300 and +300fpm as well)


You: I can get into low-earth orbit with just an F-22!

Elon Musk: *cold sweat*


Well, no idea why, I can get to 170,000 ft in global perfectly fine, I don’t think you’re near enough to the 8.8km/s to achieve orbit.


Contact NASA on 123.9


Not sure how much that will be worth it. I know some have achieved much much much higher.


Before or after Global?

boi are you for real


Of course I didn’t actually achieve orbit, I know you need a couple kilometres per second of speed to even get into low orbit. Just a weird glitch that looks like it lol

I wasn’t asking about the original image, I was asking about the guy above me.

I can only reach 40,000 feet with the f 22 and it wont let me go higher

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Thats, sad. Try going along the ground till you’re mach 3, go straight up, once you stop gaining height, point down, gain speed then go up again, repeat and you can easily get to 170,000ft

Is that what you do?

Yep, only way that really works.

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ok cool thanks for helping

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@AndrewRG10. MaxSez: There’s a tech term for the maneuver you describe, not the ground portion which is cheating, quess… Google is your friend. Regards


Houston, we have a problem.

I thought my record of 60,000 feet was crazy good…


I can’t go above FL800 using your method ;(

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happened to me aswell

How did you got so high. My highesg record is 60.000ft