Achieved my highest landing points tonight

Edit: I was just reminded that it’s 10xp per flight time minute. I’ve been away for a while and got all excited over nothing :(.

With the help of some high winds and gusts at KSEA tonight, I was able to achieved my highest landing points to date - 338XP [actually 221xp]. [Did not] Blew my previous record of 281 out of the water. Was flying the Dash 8.

*Subtract your “Flight Time” minutes from your “XP Earned” to get your landing points.


Is that a legitimate formula?


No, it’s not. The amount of XP is based off of many factors. Such as takeoff and the time you flew. The XP gets progressively less for every minute you fly to prevent farming, so simply subtracting the time is not accurate at all. Not to mention I do believe you do get more than one XP per minute by default.

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Yes it’s legit. You get 10 XP for every minute of flying regardless if you are flying manual or auto for five minutes or 5 hours.

The developers will not share the algorithm they use for approach and landing points. But I have been able to determine that anything above 120xp is acceptable in low wind, high visibility approaches (green). A very good landing earns you about 150xp under normal conditions. Points potential increase as the difficulty of the approach and landing increases.

If you crash you earn no landing points. You earn zero points for take offs.

Here is a screenshot of a 42 minute flight with no landing resulting in 423xp.

That means 10 XP per minute.
Thereby making your current record about 117 XP lesser


I don’t think I like XP decreasing in that method, what if your making a long trip… Not even to mention when Global arrives

When global arrives, the system will certainly change. Fuel burn would solve the problem on its own.

My bad, it’s 10xp per minute. I’ve been away for a year.

Well that really sucks, that means I only earned 221xp for my landing. Got all exited for nothing.

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