Acerorbit ghosted me after giving me non sensical instructions

Soooo I’m trying to appeal a report. Trying to contact Acerorbit who ghosted me but see no message option on his profile. I was requesting a runway crossing when the controller kept telling me to contact tower and threatened to ghost me if I didn’t. No idea why I needed to contact tower when he’d already given me clearance to taxi to parking, I just needed the clearance to cross the runway. I proceeded to taxi as I could see the runway was clear and perhaps there was an issue with the comms or just a bad controller. Either way the user was threatening me with ghosting. Sooooo bit of a catch 22 and I think an unfair penalty. So how do I appeal this when I can’t get in touch with the reporter?

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The controller will be in contact. A word of advice though, never enter the runway without permission. Imagine a real world pilot did that deliberately and it’ll be pretty clear why you were ghosted 🙂