Aceorbit's Radar Tracking Thread TS1 [Closed]

Hello IFC, I’m going to work on my approach and departure skills for my IFATC Radar test. I will announce when I’m open with “Aceorbits Radar Tracking Thread [Open @ ICAO]”. I will try to find ground charts for the airport I will be controlling and maybe some suggested routes. Please make sure to follow the instructions given to you by me.


Now Open @ KPSP, here are the charts for today’s approaches.


Ground Chart:

Suggested routes:
United CRJ-200 to LAX
American CRJ-700 to PHX
Delta CRJ-200 to SLC

Landing runway[s]:
Departing runway[s]:
31L for most aircraft
31R is okay for general aviation.

For additional charts and information please visit:


I might stop by, my favorite approach is the RNAV for runway 31L with the circle to land approach.

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Alright I am coming!

@Aceorbit I was hoping to do Pattern work…

You can do radar pattern work, I’ll just guide you around. ;)

I’ll be landing there in around 25 minutes. Then I’ll do radar pattern work

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Just forgot to mention, your feedback and comments are appreciated. :)

Closed, thank you to everyone who came and participated.

Great job! A little slow on vectoring me to a perfect downwind but otherwise great job!

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Now open @KPSP again

Active runways:
Departures 13R,13L
Landings 13R

Closed, no traffic sadly. Not my day :(

Hello everyone,
Haven’t done this in a while but I am open at NZAA.

Active Runway:

Closed, thank you to those who came. :)

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