AceCorba’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Good job!
After you cleared me for the option you sad “after the option make left traffic” you don’t need to say that because you sad that when I where taking off. And you sad contact ground after you had sad “exit runway when able and contact ground”. You should have told me that I where already instructed to change frequency. Other that that great job!

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Good job!

  • Nice pattern entries
  • Good transition altitude
  • Good call on the I’ll call your base, but slightly late as I had already turned base, but good decision to give GA
  • You gave me the wrong runway when requested for runway change, but quickly corrected it
  • Exit runway command was a bit late

Overall a good session, hope to see you soon!


Thank you for coming!

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Thank you for the feedback, I noticed the incorrect runway after I had sequenced the beeline 94 that was struggling with the runways.

Thanks for coming!


Open at OMAM, Al Dhafra Airbase.

Military Theme, pattern work encouraged.

Runways 31L/R in use

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See you there

When they are on upwind or crosswind legs of a pattern a sequence must be issued unless they are the only one in the pattern.

Also when I reported final I was already cleared to land. You must then send a already cleared to land message!

But overall very good 👍👏


If I’m reporting final and then full stop that is okay because they’re letting u know they’re stopping but if they don’t say full stop and they’re cleared to land you send the already cleared to land message. Found in misc. messages

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I am now closed, thank you to all those who attended.

I will work on my sequencing next time so thank you for the feedback

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Hi @AceCorba, I was PK1868 during your session at OMAM just now. Overall, you did a good job, I’ve listed some feedback below. All timestamps refer to Zulu time to make it easy for you to check the replay.

  1. When I came out in the C-130, (that was embarrassing, I haven’t flown that thing in forever and stalled out on takeoff, let’s pretend that didn’t happen lol) you did a good job of telling me that I was already instructed to change freq.
  2. You did good on all runway change requests. Although I noticed you forgot to give 1 a “after the option make left/right traffic” instruction at 20:28. Its good that you noticed this and corrected it, but make sure you stay focused. It is much harder to notice and correct mistakes with a busy airspace.
  3. 20:11: Good job on the transition request.
  4. Your pattern entry instructions were good and precise.
  5. You should try to give your sequence and clearance instructions a bit earlier. Aim to give the sequencing command as soon as the pilot is in stable flight (typically when the aircraft is turning from the crosswind leg to the downwind leg). Once the pilot confirms their place in the sequence, do not withhold the clearance, go ahead and clear them. At certain points, you completely failed to give a sequence at all (see 20:25 as an example), you just cleared me to land as number 2, but had not told me who to follow.
  6. 20:24: The “I’ll call your base” command to 1 was unnecessary. It is the responsibility of the pilots in the pattern to maintian VFR separation, not ATC. If 1 had turned base too early such that he was going to touch down before I took off, then you just issue a go-around. But that is on us as pilots, not you. Using the pattern controls to control spacing like you did results in over-controlling, and in a busy airspace, you would not be able to handle the workload. Leave separation to the pilots and use the go-around command if needed.
  7. When 1 reported his position, you probably should have told him he was already clear to land. This should really only be used to inform ATC that you are done doing pattern work and will be coming to complete stop and exiting the runway so that ATC can be ready to issue a go-around to the next aircraft if necessary.

The things I’ve mentioned here can be polished by continuing to practice and please please please please watch the tutorial videos on youtube, they are very helpful. Thanks for the session and for wanting to improve your skills!

Blue Skies


I usually use I’ll call your base and extend downwind to allow departing aircraft to depart if I have a long line waiting for T/O 😉


That is exactly what it is for. When you use it to create a block for deps, you’re good. It’s only when you use it to separate aircraft for the sake of separation that you start going trending in the direction of over-controlling.

Wow, so much excellent feedback! Thank you, I will take that all on board. As I said above, I did forget about sequencing and won’t make that mistake again.

Regarding point 6: I was concerned that the A10 would catch you up and I would have to issue a go around. My concern specifically was that, on the go around, the A10 would accelerate towards you much quicker and cause you an issue. If this is not my problem as a controller then fair enough, I will use the sequence command and let pilots sort themselves out.



When issuing a go around it can help to cancel a takeoff clearance to stop this 😉

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Not when someone is on a touch-and-go, which was the scenario here.

In that particular scenario, you would have a few options:

  1. 1, Go around, make left traffic (assuming no traffic issues on the left)
  2. 1, Go around, make right traffic; followed by PK1868, extend upwind; followed by 1, number one, runway X, cleared for the option; followed by PK1868, number 2, traffic to follow is on right downwind, etc.

Great, I’ll keep that one in mind.

Open at EGKK, London Gatwick, hoping for some traffic.

08R in use, 08L restricted use.

I can’t edit the title, if a mod could assist?

Now closed and will abandon this thread to create a new one next time I open.

Thanks if you turned up although I think it was mostly randoms

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