AceCorba’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

New Thread created as I could not edit the previous title.

Open at EGCC

Runways 5L/R in use with a moderate crosswind.


Closed. Thank you to those who turned up, I had a queue of 5 waiting to take off at one point.

Open at EGSS - London Stansted.

Runway 22 in use with winds VRB03.

Pattern work welcomed

Open at EGKK - London Gatwick

Runway 26L/R in use.

I’ll swing by

Everything was good but when I requested runway change to 26R, you cleared me for the option then make left traffic? There might be traffic conflict with runway 26L!
Thank you, Airbus 1998

Ok I quit because you weren’t accepting pattern work. You should always accept pattern work in your ATC tracking thread as it helps with everything, your sequencing, clearances and runway changes.
Anyway, I have some feedback for the time I was there

  • there was no need to on guard me. I had just taken off! You need to give some time for the person to switch into your frequency I hadn’t even rotated into the full climb yet.
  • Transition altitude is given at 2500 feet AAL. Take the airports elevation, 100 feet for Gatwick then add 2500, giving 2600 so approve transition at 3000. The reason for this is because commercial jets’ pattern altitude is 1500 feet and the minimum separation is 1000
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Due to the close proximity of the runways, I elected to keep you on a Left Hand Circuit to better sequence you with the traffic on 26L.

Thank you for attending!

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Always send aircraft into the direction away from the other runway. They risk cutting each other off while one is on final.

I stopped pattern work due to the Fog coming on the 1850 METAR dropping the visibility to 150m which is well below the visibility required for visual patterns.

I guarded you because you took off from Redhill which is inside Gatwick Tower’s airspace. I also gave you a 1500ft transition because the pattern was empty.

Thank you for attending!

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Oh yes, I remember seeing the metar now. Well done, that was correct of you to stop pattern work. I suggest opening at another airport with better visibility, also as Gatwick is a TS hub and you will get trolls. Open at another airport, and I’ll come again.
Yes, redhill is in Gatwick’s airspace, but you still actually need to give me some time to tune in.

I have closed now for the evening. Thank you for your feedback and yes I agree that Gatwick attracts some trolls and I did indeed have someone ignoring my transmissions and respawning at the gate. I will try some different airports next time.

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Open at EGCC

Runway 23L & R in use with light winds

Apart from maybe giving out sequencing/clearance a bit earlier everything was 👍🏻

Thank you, I was conservative with my sequencing but made sure that everyone had it on the downwind leg.

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Open at EBBR

Runways 25L/R and 19 in use. Pattern work encouraged, all aircraft types.

Give me a challenge!

comming in a C172

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i almost got a violation just becouse of the winds lol

Yea I saw! Maybe something larger won’t be as affected

Yeah comming in the a350