AceCorba’s ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @ KJFK

I have passed my Written Test and therefore am making this tracking thread. Will soon be opening at an airfield near you!


Open at EGYD for 30 mins or so.

RAF Cranwell

-Pattern Work accepted
-No aircraft larger than A319
-Military Aircraft encouraged
-Grass strip (27L) closed
-Runways 27 and 19 in use

Open at Birmingham International

All aircraft welcome
Pattern work welcome
Runway 15 in use for arrivals/departures

Open at London City (because I’m mental)

No aircraft larger than a A318
Airliners will be given priority over GA.
Runway 27 in use.

Open at Hamad International Airport, Doha.

Pattern work accepted
Runway 34L/R in use

Open at Hamad International Airport, Doha, again!

Pattern work accepted
Runway 34L/R in use

Open at EDDF

Runways 07L/C/R in use for patterns
Runway 36 in use for straight in/straight out

Will you be open in 20-30 minutes from now?

Maybe, I’ll stick around until around 1800z

I’ll come around in 20 minutes.

I had to log off, thank you for coming though!

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Open at KJFK

Seems to be troll free for now!

Runway 22 L/R in use.
Crosswind on 13L/R if you want to use them

Open at EGCC.

Runway 5L/R in use.

Excellent training for crosswinds - currently 15kts across the runway

I can’t edit the title - I’ll make a new tracking thread later

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