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We are in no way connected to any real-world flight school or flight training program. Our program does not certify you to fly in the real-world. Our instructors are not professional certified instructors, our lessons are not what you will expect from a real-world flight training program.

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ACE PT About Us

We are a pilot training organization designed to give pilots the training they need to become professional pilots as well as provide some realism to playing Infinite Flight, being that they now hold an official license for flying. Our courses are to FAA standards and our lesson plans are based off of real world flight training programs. This is done to make sure we give pilots reliable education on all aspects of aviation, something they can most likely use later on in the future in real-world aviation. We hope to partner with a great majority of the virtual airlines to require licensing in order to fly professionally.

Below you can find a list of our current staff members within the group, and also below that our current partners.

Our Staff

Austin Nelson (Chief Executive Officer) - IFC Profile

Toby Cowan (Chief Operations Officer) - IFC Profile

Arturo Freire (Instructor) - [No IFC Profile Linked Yet]

Our Partners

Thai Group Virtual - Visit Website

Aegean Virtual - Visit Website

Malaysia Airlines Virtual - Visit Website

ACE PT Our Programs

At ACE Pilot Training, we offer plenty of courses to get your licenses to use with Virtual Airlines and other groups.

Course List

Private Pilot License

Instrument Rating

Commercial Pilot License

Airline Transport Pilot

Certified Flight Instructor

Multi-Engine Rating

Each of our programs are professional and will get you the education you need for Infinite Flight.

ACE PT Careers

We have many career opportunities here in ACE Pilot Training. We are currently hiring Flight Instructors and Flight Examiners. These positions can be gained by following a hiring process involving sending me a private message saying you are interested in the position and I will ask you a series of questions. Being a Flight Instructor is a great opportunity to teach people how to fly in Infinite Flight, and to lead them down a road to success within many Virtual Airlines.


Getting there one day


I love the website


Malaysia Airlines Virtual is proud to be partnered with ACE Pilot Training. Great job, everyone!


Hey, any idea when can I get an open slot for CPL? It’s closed right now…

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