ACE Belgium Freighters Boeing 747-400F over Chicago!

For some odd reason, my video won’t upload here so I’ll just include the link below. When it’s nice and sunny outside, it’s great for airplane spotting! I love filming airplanes at flight level on clear days when contrails are showing! Here is a ACE Belgium Freighters Boeing 747-400F performing a flight from Liege to Houston! The aircraft is OO-ACF and it still wears it’s predecessor paint which was Jade Cargo!

Photo taken 3.15.20 and filmed from my Canon Vixia R800

YouTube link:


Does this work?

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How did you do that? 😀

Mr. Magic is here 😁.
(BTW not bad pictures to take when the object is miles and miles away)

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You and your magic! 😂 thank you!

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Used to have a camera that wasn’t even as good as this one! That’s why I love it so much!

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AH ! A Belgian airline! Didn’t even know that one existed haha. Thanks for sharing!

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