Accurate Throttle Reverse Thrust Levers and Animations

As more and more aircraft get reworked in Infinite Flight, we expect them to become higher quality and more accurate. One thing that has not been improved but should be is the animations of the throttle levers in reverse thrust setting. Currently, when the user applies reverse thrust in any aircraft that has it, the throttles just move forward in their normal power setting. Basically, the same animations for normal thrust are used for reversed thrust.

This is something that should be changed. Different aircraft have different throttles and different throttle movements for reverse thrust. To show this, let’s compare the throttles of a Boeing 737 and an Airbus A32x.

Boeing 737

On the throttle of a Boeing 737, there are two sets of two levers. There’s the main levers for engines 1 and 2 and also the reverse thrust lever for engines 1 and 2.
The image below shows the throttles of a Boeing 737. The reverse thrust levers are circled in green and are currently open, with power set to max reverse thrust.

As you can see, when reverse thrust is selected, the main levers for engines 1 and 2 do not move, and only the reverse thrust levers move. Currently in Infinite Flight, the entire throttle moves forward, which is only supposed to happen when the throttles are in the normal power setting.

The same design and concept of separate throttle and reverse thrust levers is used on almost all Boeing aircraft so it can be replicated on all of the Boeing aircraft in Infinite Flight. I’m hoping that the developers will consider adding this feature to the upcoming (or not) 737 rework.

Airbus A32x Family

On the throttle of an Airbus A32x aircraft, the reverse thrust switches are attached to the main throttles. Reverse thrust is activated by lifting the reverse thrust switches up and then pulling the entire throttle lever backward into the reverse thrust range (the yellow range). In the picture, the reverse thrust switches are open and the throttle levers are in the reverse thrust range.

The same design and concept of the reverse thrust switches being attached to the throttles is used on almost all Airbus aircraft, so it can be replicated in Infinite Flight. The Airbus A32x Family “rework” already happened, so this would need to be added later in the future.

Closing Thoughts

While only the Boeing 737 and Airbus A32x throttles were shown in this feature request, they are just examples. The general idea of adding accurate reverse thrust animations should apply to all aircraft that get reworked. As more and more reworks happen without details like this getting added, the process of adding things later becomes less efficient and more complicated. The A32x family and CRJs were just reworked without adding this feature, so adding the feature will now be more difficult. I hope to see this feature added to Infinite Flight in the future, as it would greatly improve realism and accuracy of the aircraft, which are needed in a “simulator”.


Boeing 737 throttle picture- X-Plane 10 mobile, screenshot taken by myself
A320 throttle picture- Tutorials for the A-320 Flightbox - Throttletek

Permission for the two pictures was given by Deer, and the previous request was closed.

I would like for this to happen, but I feel like it’s more of a pet peeve but I’m willing for it to happen.

I agree. It’s not something that urgently needs to be done, but a nice little detail that would improve realism. Just created the feature request to get it a bit more known by people!


Yes, bumping old topics isn’t great, but this needs to be done. I’m tired of having the thrust levers go to full instead of reverse! I do a lot of practice landings in solo, and just the thrust levers just annoy me…


(Didn’t mean to be aggressive 😉)


This is a fix we need! Annoying to see when you’re flying