Accurate/Improved Map

Its also important to see the height on the map so the ATC can see if you will crash into a mountain soon

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Bump. I hatebit when I’m flying into the UK from France and the map shows that I’m in the UK when I’m still over water.

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I’m not going to vote cause I’m running low on them, but I fully support this. I sometimes want to know when I enter a knee state or country so it would be nice to have those outlines and labels

I think this dosent fit as we for exampel dont have scenery over 60 degrees North and South but everywher Else it would have been good, maybe when we get “real scenery” over 60 degrees North and South they can implement it

Orrrrrrrr we can get an interactive cockpit with a gps🤐

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Not necessarily, many islands aren’t displayed in the map, even though they have airports (e.g. Greek Islands).

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Yeah, I think we should a Cockpit GPS instead. That could bring us closer to a interactive cockpit like X-Plane.


Terrain and coastlines would be the most important parts in my opinion.


Yes, the coastlines definitely need some improvement in my opinion.


True, everyone vote

Very good feature request!! It would also help approach controller’s by a mile who have never controlled at a particular airport with challenging terrain.

I remember having the terrain feature on the map at some point that changed as you descended which was awesome, and I believe that was taken away for reasons to do with technology (which I’m very bad with so I’ll leave it at that 😂)

What you’ve suggested however seems a lot more feasible and not that difficult to implement, I will definitely free up a vote, nice one!

Coming here while trying to figure out where I am on the map.

Everyone loves global. And everyone here loves to look at the moving map when you’re aboard a plane in real life. Why not combine our fav sim with our real-life passion.

Literally the first thing I noticed after the global update was the map and how (excuse my language) sh***y it is. Of course, everyone who’s good at geography can guess the location of a certain airport by looking at the roughly outlined borders, but for smaller airports or in less civilized areas the search tab is the only way to go. Or as it happens to me right now: I’m somewhere above Russia but where exactly is not recognizable (I know I can display the coordinates or look it up in LiveFlight, but you get my point).

Ever since the release of global devs and mods tease that the map will be replaced by a more detailed one and it’s going to be a way better one than now. But global is out for quite some time now and there is nothing new about the map. I love the new ways of communication by the devs and I really hope for some information about this really important and not aircraft-related feature.

A new map would significantly benefit many aspects of the sim, especially the always talked about real life pilots who would like to train approaches and procedures as well as ATCs when radar controlling or simply the „normal“ pilot interested in the area located under her/his feet.

Any opinions/thoughts much appreciated! :)


MaxSez: An improved “Chart” with height bench marks ect are a necessity. But my main gripe on the present depiction is the failure to include “Airways”. Airways routing for commercial traffic (Trash Haulers) is a no brainer. The present “Shot Gun” routing system with out Centers leads to gaggles in the Approach & Departure corridors.
Applying airways to the IF Chart and there required use by those big fat floaters would solve the present crush noted on the usual suspects the favored “B’s”. Preplanned depicted “Holding Area’s” at these same “B’s” would be a bonus.
Just Sayin, Max


About time!

The improved map is more important to me than the A350; I can plan out before-hand.


OH MY GOD YES I do want this feature. Including a notion of relief


It seems that a new map has been confirmed during a developer stream today:


You made my day. ❤️❤️❤️
I’ve just watched the video. I’m so excited now


What about a terrain map?

Like this old gem which i just found:


You have my vote !

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