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Hi IFC! Is there a way that in flight you can see your estimated flight Time because I know there are flight plan apps that give you them but they might not be accurate because of your speed and stuff. Thank you :)

I’m not 100% sure but I estimate at 500nm in 1hour at M0.85. That probably doesn’t fit your speed expectations - but I’d say that’s a good estimate.

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Yes there is in the bottom if you tap one of these

It will give you the option of different things and you can put ete dest.

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Also if you change the map view to FPL only, you can see the cumulative ETE (it’s abbreviated in the app but apparently the abbreviation is not allowed on this forum?).
Note that these in app numbers uses current ground speed, so wind affects things. I use skyvector to plan though so I get a pretty good ETE from that.

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Thanks @IZhang @xsrvmy @TheAviation_YT for your help


but when a flight is 5 hours and your flying and it says 3 hours till EST then it is wrong don’t you think so I am saying I think sometimes its wrong I have down a lot of flights were they are 5 hours long in real life but in the game it say 3 hours till DEST same with the time in this game I have down a test were in game it dark but in real life its still light out weird not trying to start an argument but yay what does everyone think same thing when you land it it says how long your flight time is and your two hours short of what you would of down in real life if you were on a plane

Flight time is a real issue with infinite flight. I’ve had times where I look a flight up on flightaware or flightradar24 or whatever, and the real life flight time can be longer by as much as 30 minutes - an hour, even though I personally fly at mach .79-82, usually never above mach .8. It really messes up things such as fuel planning, though I’ve never had it put me above MLW on approach or anything.

Actually a lot of long haul flights may flight at cost index 0 (most fuel efficient speed), whereas the cruise speed usually listed online is closer to the LRC speed (uses 1% more fuel). Additionally, on NAT tracks flights may need to fly slower for spacing.

It almost always has to do with your winds.
If u have a whole flight 100kts headwind. U probably end up later then u expected. I would recommend using flight radar to see what flight route and how long that aircraft took to fly to your destination.

Just have your ETE to dest on your status bar, its acurate too and so is liveflight

That never happens to me

If you follow the speed and route provided by, it’s pretty accurate. I rely on it

It’s never close to the true time, ever, in a long haul flight. Trust me…😂


This usually happens when u have some insane tailwinds. But the flight will be 5 hours. Even though it shows like that ig. I scheduled a 12 hour flight. But it showed 10 hours. But when i was reaching the destination, it was 12 hours

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