Accuracy of localizer

I just wonder if anyone noticed the accurucy of localizer in IF. Sometime the plane is heading to the runway in right direction but the localizer indicates the plane should head to right /left a little bit.
so i was wondering will the pilot have the same issue in realisitc flight ? or there is a improvement of accuracy of localizer needed for IF

The localizer is accurate in calm wind conditions, when you’re landing on a green runway.

In a strong crosswind, however, the localizer is slightly off and therefore a tad bit unreliable. At that point using the FPV is recommended.


To elaborate on what @Claudio
The more wind the less aligned you’ll be. And green= Head wind
Yellow= crosswind
Red= Tail wind

You mixed them up.

I believe you are referring to the effects of wind direction to the way the aircraft aligns (points/crabs)(?) itself on the localizer.
Aircrafts with the appr mode on still track it very well with a crosswind. Well as far as ive seen. During hurricane dorian it wasnt that great though.
As with irl flying the airplane will be crabbing (whatever the term is) during a crosswind landing. The difference in the alignment of the nose and the actual track of the airplane is dependent also on the speed of the aircraft relative to the wind

I believe that the localizer is very accurate, even though you have to crab in crosswind conditions you should still be tracking towards the runway, the localizer shows if you are aligned, not which heading you’re pointing to

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Yes Guys, when you have crosswind. Try to headindg 1 or 2 degrees left or right from the ILS heading. Let’s see how your aircraft move and adapt the heading or make small corrections to stay in the ILS line.
By example is I am approaching a runway 23 with 235 heading and there are some wind from the left, I try to keep aligned with the ILS line by making a heading to 233 or 234, for making the plane « crabbing » and keep it in the localizer.

Or you can just look at the fpv

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