Accuracy of IF

How accurate is IF? I mean how realistic is that?
I think IF is the best simulator app on mobile devices.

By Accuracy you mean? How close IF is to real life?


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I mean, world scale are 1:1
Pixels are 15 x 15 meter

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How accurate? I can’t say by how much, but by time it gets even more realistic. Including additional features to come in the future. Such as clouds, or let’s say or buildings.

Comparing to other flight simulators, Infinite Flight has been focusing more on aircrafts and physics, other than the scenery to be finished in the future. Here we are now with the full globe in 15min HD Topography. Then we will see clouds and (hopefully) 3D objects. But that’s a long way to go.

All I can say is to look in the future, Infinite Flight will become more accurate. It’s the best Mobile Flight Simulator I have experienced yet.


In terms of realism, that comes down many aspects, but to keep it short and easy to understand, IF as most of the current and also old airplanes, Fighters, Cargo, and Commercial Jets.

IF also is improving every day, as we go further into the future, new updates are released that improve the so called realism, to meet real world standards more, but ultimately it is you as a pilot who can make your and others experience, pilot and ATC alike, more realistic by following correct real world procedures by flying like a real pilot. Departure and Approach, Take and Landing, Cruising and Speed, all this is in your hands, so how real IF is comes down to the pilot as well. I know @Tim_B, would stress that people follow the correct approach procedures, if they want to have “realism” in the simulator.

IF has and will have inaccuracies but they are minimal and Staff and Developers work day and night to make the simulator better. As time progresses, we will see more of things that exist in real world planes, ATC towers and airports, and to round things off, IF is one the most realistic and detailed Flight Simulators out there, even compared to PC versions, not at the top, but for mobile experience, IF strives to be the best and I believe with the help of this community and you as a pilot, you can make IF feel more realistic :)


Actually, the Topography is not yet implemented north of the 60th parallel. That’s why Greenland, parts of Canada, Alaska, Russia, Norway, Finland are flat. Sure, the scenery there is 15m, however the topography isn’t represented. They say that the dataset will come in the future.


2 words: Pretty realistic/accurate ;)

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