I purchased a subscription early on But when I bought multiplayer it gave me a random account and I can’t get back in to my old one even though I know the password and email. Is there anyway I can play on my old account But if not, it’s alright cause I’ve done 3 flights on my new account. I also wanted to say it’s my first time on global and credit to everyone who made it because it’s amazing



Fortunately, this is something we can fix :)
Do you know the display name & callsign of the random account, as well as for your old account? If you do, we can assist by merging them.


The new display name is User-32401 and the callsign is ups 14. The old account is N14 and the callsign is ups 583 heavy

Thank you!

I’m happy to inform that the transfer was successful and that you can sign in with your Facebook account now, and the subscription will be there :)


Thank you for the help :)

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