So, I have a pro account and I pay for it every month… but I can’t access it? It says I don’t have an account but I’m certain that’s my account… any help please

Are you saying you don’t currently have a subscription or that you just paid for a new one and can’t use it?

Sometimes this happens. Have you tried closing the app out? This usually fixes it.

Also, here is a photo every time I do it. image

What I’m trying to say is, every time it says I’m not a pro member and my gmail has a pro account, so I use that account but it won’t work and says that I don’t have an account with this gmail and I am 99% sure I used that account.

This is something you can see when you have yet to create an account in Infinite Flight. An account is created when you purchase a PRO subscription and can’t be created before that. You then have the option to link your account to either a Facebook or Google profile. You are most likely trying to sign in with either of them before having purchased a subscription and have it linked with your Facebook or Google.

According to him, he has a monthly subscription

Maybe try restarting your app? If that doesn’t work, try deleting it and re-installing it. Also, try reading this! It may answer any other questions you have ;)

Is there a way I can recover it?


They can actually tell you if the subscription is actually tied to the account you’re trying to use, and offer solutions if it’s not.

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Thank you!!

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