Account Verification Error

The account verification error popped up around 9 hours into my 13 hour flight.

The aircraft then crashed. This has happened to me before, and I have followed all the steps below:

I can’t do any long haul flights with this issue, depending on when the error appears. Device info:
iPad Air 2
iOS 11.0.3 (latest)
IF 17.04.1

Another issue I was facing was the app feeezing for about 30 seconds, somewhat different to the freezing issue I was having before the update to fix this particular issue. There was a low amount of traffic around and I was cruising at FL330.

My iPad Air 2 also freezes for around 30 seconds sometimes. All the same software. GL with your issue.

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Unfortunately this is a known issue. There was a problem with the server and Laura made a comment about it. Everything should be good though so an app restart and relaunch may be necessary.

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