Account Verification Error

I’m currently flying to Tokyo from Melbourne and a yellow triangle appeared in the top right corner. I click on it and it says Account Verification Error, please contact support if issue persists. Could somebody please help?

Nothing to worry about! It usually solves it self after a while. It’s probably due to the work being performed on the servers.


Ok, I’m not sure but is there still server issues, when you try and login? Also, I saw some people’s flight time didn’t appear once they landed. What should I do if that happens to me, because this is a 10:25 hour flight?

The servers are still under a very heavy load, and issues do occur.
I haven’t looked into that issue yet, so i can’t answer that. About to land myself after flying for 13hrs, so hopefully it will be fine for both of us :)

Ok, awesome. Thanks for your help mate. Where did you fly to and from?

Athens to Oakland! 14:54hrs and counting.

Just went into land and the app crashed. Is there anyway in getting the flight time added I was on 9:53 minutes?

Not at this time, though the server does register stats periodically so much of your flight is already logged. :)