Account vanished

Any help on how to recover an account, it just disappeared out of the blue. I have tried everything to my knowledge, and cant come to a solution. The account stats shows as if I’m new to the game.


Hey there!

Could you let us know the callsign of the account with the correct statistics? With this info, support staff should be able to merge the blank account you currently have, and your old account with the correct stats.

If you bought a subscription without your IFC linked, it’ll link it to a blank account (which is what happened in your case). This may also happen if you’re purchasing a subscription on a different OS without properly logging into the account.

Callsign: N635YF
Hours: 1250

Thanks for responding.


It never vanished. But you hadn’t linked your previous account and then proceeded to link your Community profile with a new, blank account :)

I’ve merged all the accounts now so you should be good to go!


😅 I appreciate the help.

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