Account used on other device

After my third flight of the day without ending the flight. It tells me other people was using my account. It was four hours into the flight. Please fix it ASAP

Are you using the same account on two different devices?

Nope. I have been flying for over 24 hours. I did not put the app running in the background.


Taken from Support FAQ. Please have a look through it next time you post an issue, as it’s likely discussed there already :)

This can happen if the connection between your device and our servers times out multiple times in a shorter time period.

Usually it means the connection between you and us are unstable. Most of the times it resolves itself. But if it becomes a more recurring issue, further troubleshooting might be required.

This can also happen if you put Infinite Flight in the background to do other things on your device, as the app is then completely paused by the operating which could lead to connectivity issues. It is strongly recommended not to put the app in the background when flying on any of our servers due to this reason.

If this happens, there is unfortunately no way to recover the current flight and the app needs to be restarted.

Since this only happened to you today, it might just be a short-term connectivity issue. As discussed above, if you experience it constantly for a prolonged period of time, feel free to post back for further troubleshooting.

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Here’s the issue most likely. Our system is not designed for extremely long sessions for the moment and doing such long flights can render a certain authentication token invalid, which in turn triggers this message.

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Thank you. Lesson learned do not fly for more than 24 hours.

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Generally it’s not a problem up until 70hrs in the cases I’ve seen. But it could depend on how long the app has been idling in the background on your device too.

But yes, i would cut down on the session times :)

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