account tranfer to pc

Dear all,
today I tried to download infinite flight using bluestacks via google play. For some reason, despite having a google infinite flight account, I have to pay for infinite flight AGAIN to download it on pc. Should this happen as I already have on Ipad and on s10+.

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Your account in Infinite Flight does not determine whether you have to pay for the app in the store or not. That’s something the stores control.

However, as you mention that you already have the app in your S10, you should be able to use the same Google account in Play Store in Bluestacks as you do on your S10 and not be charged.

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thanks a lot for your help. All I had to do was re install blustacks but thanks.

No worries!

Please note that we do not support Bluestacks at this time, so the experience might be quite varied depending on a number of things.

i just want it for ATC. will that be available and functional?

I believe that will work, yes. No promises though.

ok. again thanks