Account switching not possible

My problem is changing the Google account in the game … I created a new Google account only for Infinity Flight (I’m back to the game) but I can’t change it in the game for a new one, an error pops up like in the picture … I want to buy a pro version but added money I have this new account. What to do in that case? Plus one more question - is it possible to somehow transfer statistics from one account to another? Best wishes :)

Of course, I know that I have to create a new account on the Forum and connect to it, but it is impossible, the same message pops up despite authorization on the new account …

You can either email support@Infiniteflight or PM @schyllberg directly to transfer your account stats.

Ok then I just want to make a new account, completely new one on a new Google Play account (because I have money on it) What should I do?

If you keep getting this message, try doing a hard reset, then try connecting to a different WiFi (like a personal hotspot) and if you still can’t access it, that would be a problem where you would have to have @schyllberg solve :)