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Hi. I have a problem with my account. I cant log my account with my hours of flight. But i Make a new and buy the pro version. Help me to take my hours of the older account please?


Hi @Gabriel_Rodrigues welcome to the community, I am so sorry that you are experiencing these issues. Can you double check for me to see that within your solo account you used like a google or Facebook account to log into solo.

I case that ^^^ doesn’t work then I don’t believe hours or landings conducted within solo mode will count into the pro mode

Psssst also @Carolina_Taylor brings up a good point as well

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Hi Gabriel!

Welcome to the community! 😊

Regarding your question, the old account that you had is the one that has to have the pro subscription as I believe there is technically no way to transfer flight hours or landings to another IF account.

So my recommendation is to probably get the Pro subscription on the former account where you had your flight hours. Also note that in solo mode, your hours, landings are not recorded hence you have to fly live.

I hope that helps!



Please send an email to us via with as much details about your issue as possible and we’ll help you as soon as possible.