Account Stats Reset

Device: Vivo V20
Operating system: Android

ACCOUNT Stats Reset
Die to inactivity in my account for sometime, i could not play the game. After downloading it yesterday, my whole stats got reset as well as the grade.
Can anyone plss solve this issue!!!


Normally Infinite Flight requires a certain number of landings/ flying time in the last 30 days to keep your current grade. If not it will keep lowering your grades as time of inactivity passes. Additionally, make sure you are 100% sure that you have signed in with the correct Google/Apple account.

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Yea i have logged in from correct Google account though i am playing after a very long period of time so is it possible for my grade to reset fully?

Yes, you are required to have a certain amount of landings and flight time within 90 days like the last guy said so your grade would have been rest if you haven’t flown in the past 90 days

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Stats that say (XX days) would reset, however, stats for total shouldn’t.

For example, Total Flight Time shouldn’t have been reset. Your grade can drop due to your inactivity, which may be unfortunate, but is necessary to ensure that your skills are refined for the expert server.

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