Account statistics Error

understood, issue resolved now anyway

Yep! Not specifically you but many on the IFC right now.

Hey everyone, really sorry about this, we have been trying to narrow down these issues and think we have solved cases for most people now.

Can everyone having this issue restart the app? If you are still getting the error message, please let me know your callsign by replying to this thread.

Thank you for your patience, we’re sorry for the inconvenience!


Up now. Thanks!

Still seeing the same issue N837GL…

Yes! my IF is back to normal, thanks!

mine is n209im

mine is good to go thanks tones Infinite flight!!!

Try again in a few mins, thanks for letting me know your callsign!

My stats are not correct, my callsign is EC-621

What is wrong with your stats?

Before the update I had 140h of flight time and 320 landings and now I have 117 h and 260 landings

I’m also having the same issue as above, that is reduction of Flight Time and Landings
Also now I’m getting Error code 8 when clicking on view stats
I wasn’t facing the “can’t get your latest account statistics” issue till now, but now even that is coming up when I click on fly online

Now I have error Code 8 also

Thank you, I have only asked my friends for more patience, to take into account that it is the first day, maybe tomorrow it will be more stable.

Hey Cameron,

I was having this issue and after restarting the app it went away. Now it has started back up again.

  • Callsign- Southwest 16
  • My IFC account is linked to the app
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Still having an issue call sign is SIVA285 @Cameron

same to me

Hello @Cameron. First of all, great job all of you. Now about the connection I still have some trouble. I think the infinite flight app freezes as soon as I try to connect to my account and after restarting, every few seconds account statistics error message pops up. At the moment my call sign that I have selected in infinite flight is “Aegean 790” (if that call sign is meant). Cheers :)

I have occurred this problem too.

When I saw my status, for example, total flight time was reduced.

These image are my status before and after.


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