Account statistics Error

Hi I cannot seem to get out of this loop it is just saying this for the past hour


Same issue with me


This is a known issue and being looked into.


Im too this problem please help me

See Chris’s reply. It’s being looked into, so just be patient as the staff team sort it out.


it happened to me too. I was doing VTBS-VHHX, when I left the game to update, it appeared, then I updated, I entered the IF, and it appeared again, I even tried to turn the Ipad off and on, but when I enter the IF again, it appeared.

Please try restarting your app. In some cases a reboot may help.

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I tried it five times and it didn’t work

I’m having a weird stat issue. All of my 26 violations were issued just 3 minutes ago and I wasn’t flying?

Tnks for the answer

Same thing for me

Getting Error Code 8

it appears to me “Infinite Flight can’t get your latest statistics. Check your connection and try again”.

Just started happening to me to, my first login on 20.2 was ok. Now stuck in this loop

Have some patience and please don’t use the time to hammer the servers. Here’s a trip report you can browse to take your mind off things: Comfort+ In the A330NEO - AMS-SEA Trip Report N405DX


negative results…rebooting device, reconnecting to wifi
re’-starting IF dose not resolve the message loop

Same issue here ever since the update it hasn’t let me back on. However I am able to play in solo mode with my wifi off. Restarting the device, deleting and re-downloading the app, and connecting through a different network still hasn’t solved the problem.

Same issue with me

Everyone: They already know. It is a known issue. No need for more +1 replies



@powdarrmonkey I appreciate the advertisement XD