Account signing and connecting issues

Hey there… So after I installed infinite flight
I bought the sub right away and I wanted to use my main acc but if I try connecting to my community forum acc it makes me back to non-pro sub I already subscribed to pro and this is weird I tried reinstaling the app it doesn’t work,
What do I do?


It sounds like you purchased first, signed in later?
If so, get back to me with the callsign for the “new” account and we should be able to figure things out.

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I’m back to a random account and Im back at grade 1 but my main acc has grade 3 on it

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Yes, that much I’ve understood :)

If you get back to me with the information i asked for, we should be able to fix it.


The callsign for the new account is N110

I think there’s something missing?

I actually changed it

Then please share what you changed it into :)

It’s the same N110 but if I try to sign in to my main account then it says Error code 5

You’re trying to link it, not signing in.
Don’t do anything now, please :)

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There’s no accounts with “N110” as callsign.

Hmm… That’s weird

Can you grab a screenshot from the account page and send here?

Here it is:

Got it.

Restart the app and sign into your regular account now. Should be OK

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Ok thanks!

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