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Hello πŸ‘‹

I have a question about getting an account in infinte flight. When I click the get pro button it tells me this

I am not sure how to fix this and how to sign in with a different account. Any tips?

Thank you

Hey, have you tried restarting the app and checking to see if you have a stable internet connection?

Hey Benny,
Refer to a topic similar that has a solution. Have a good day :).

I did the exact same thing. I’m not finding a topic that’s like mine

Have you clicked the link that I gave you? That could be the solution to your problem.

I am sorry I did not know that was a link πŸ˜… my bad. It still doesn’t answer my question how to fix it but I will do some research. Thank you!

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No problem I hope you find an answer.

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