Account Sign In Not Working

Because of the iOS 13.3 update, I was signed out of my IF account. When I opened the app, my account automatically popped up. I don’t have IF Pro, so it asked me join. I pressed “use another account” to bypass that but it said to enable cookies. I enabled cookies, but it still said to enable cookies. I tried turning cookies back on then off many times but it still said to enable cookies, meaning that I can’t sign into my account. I don’t know if this is an Apple Issue or an IF issue.

Restart the app and when that screen pops up, hit cancel. This should bypass this for you. - Unless you are trying to log back into your account. Then just try to process again of “I already have an account” → Google/Facebook → Then login to your correct account.

Just tried that. Tapped log in, and it again said to enable cookies

Can you send device information as well as screenshots to help me understand the steps of your process better?

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I have the iPhone 11 on iOS 13.3

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Try going to gmail in a browser and logging in with your id there first. Then try to log into Infinite Flight.


Did that and it worked.

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Thx ballon and Chris for your help!