account retrieval

hi if i have suscribed for a month of suscription and after this suscription ends, I would not be suscribing for a while before suscribing again. Will I retrieve my account again if my account is connected via facebook? tyvm

Hi Jarry,

Your understanding is correct. If you’re currently subscribed, and you’ve been doing flights, those stats (hours, landings, XP) will all be saved. If you take a 2 month break for instance and come back you’ll still have those hours, landings and XP just as you left it. They will not be removed.

Hope this answers your question.



So suppose your a grade 4, and you need landings in the past 90 days will that time be suspended or will it countine if you unsubscribed

The 90 days being a revolving door of time, the landings per 90 days will decay, causing said inactive pilot to drop grade as they stay unsubscribed.

yes thanks a lot

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ok but when i want to suscribe again, how do you suscribe again in order to retrieve your account. thanks

If you subscribe Again your count should be there already. If not just sign in again. It should even be there even if you don’t have live.