Account Restore

Hey so, I bought Pro recently and my account just dissappeared, I dont have any access to it. I would be REALLY happy if I could somehow restore it, I had Grade 3 on it and a lot of flights :(

Hi there, sorry you are experiencing some trouble. Recommend looking at the attached subscription assistance located in the Support FAQ. Follow the steps for ‘I already have an account’ which is located at Pro Subscription - Step#4:

Was your IFC account connected to your pro?

When I bought it, it didnt give me my Grade 3 and stuff, when I tried doing “I already have an account”, it said that The Account Doesnt have Active Pro Subscription

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It seems that you have logged in with the incorrect account information then. It’s likely you mistakenly created a new account then? So the stats are reset since it is a new account.

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No, I loggined with the same email that my old account had

Okay, the community won’t be able to help further. This will require assistance from @schyllberg, whom is Infinite Flight’s Support Staff. He can take a look once he is available and he’ll work his magic. ;)

Ok, thank you! I will contact him, if he cant do anything, I will have to do everything again I guess