Account reset

Hello all! I recently came back to infinite flight after a break and after renewing my subscription it seems I’ve dropped down to grade one or it’s not recovering my old account. Any help or explanation would be greatly appreciated.

Hey! Grade is maintained on a rolling basis, so, your statistics have limits of 90 days. If you don’t meet the 90 day requirements for a given grade, you’ll drop down.

Read more about the new grade system here.

That said, is it just the 90 day stats that are lost, or everything?



Pretty sure I was grade 4 or really close. Now I’m grade 1 with no stats

I would suggest to take a short flight (if you not have done so) and see if your stats reappear to your previous used account.

Looks like I got my accounts mixed up and where only paying attention to the grade and not all the stats. That’s for the quick help y’all. Appreciate it.

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Glad you figured out at your end😉
Please close this thread thanks