Account reset

Hello, I would like some help, I logged into my account after some time without flying and it is completely reset

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Can you define completely reset? Can you show a screen shot?

Your grade will drop due to the inactivity.

You should still have all your stats up to date from the last time you played. The only thing affected wouldve been your grade.

Are you logging in with the same account that you did previously? Google, etc.

Yes, the same account

Try this…

  • Press log out
  • Reboot your device completely
  • Launch Infinite Flight
  • Log in again with your credentials
  • Check your stats.

Did not work


The most likely issue here is that the account you’re seeing is not the one you’ve previously been using, as stats generally don’t disappear :)

Give me a few minutes and I’ll check it out closer.

already checked my accounts to see if they are logged in, like facebook and google and do not work, all my history is zero


I’ve found the account.
The reason this occurred is because that account is not linked to any Facebook or Google profile.
This happens when the subscription is expired and you’re signed out of the account in the app for some reason. Google Play Store does not show us the previous subscription data which makes it hard for the app to tell what account you’ve been using in the past.

I can transfer the stats from this unlinked account, to the one you have linked with Google instead?

Since I’m about sign off for the day, i took the liberty of transferring everything to your Google account.
You should find all your stats on that account now :)

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thank you very much for your attention, luckily it worked! thanks

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