Account reset

I have an question is it possible to reset the own Account to start completly new. or isn’t that possible ?

I have seen questions like this before, but the answer has always been ‘no’.

But I’ll let a Moderator have the final say on this


ah okay. thats kinda sad for the guys how wanna start completly fresh after knowing how to fly professional but have hundrets of vios frome there beginning

It’s normally easier to just register a new account to use for the purpose of IF. So in the situation of Android, you’d just use a different Gmail account instead 😄

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This is why we encourage people to come to this forum and learn …

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yeah thats right but also not the best result like i would have to set up an new gmail and than edd paypal for the subscription…

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I just toght of that becaous A/P disconnectet and i got 5 vios now i am from Grade 5 to Grade 2 for 7 days and an friend of mine had an realy bad issue and nedded to start completle fresh becaous he didn’t flew 3 days got 4 Reports and no one is in the log bock and his Account got blocked

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Omg this happens to me every time this is the only thing I hate about IF the literally with one tap u start losing control and crash and get VIOS this is the only reason I have so much Vios I wish they add a feature where you would have to hold the AP button disconnect it most of the time this is the reason why I fear flying long hauls accidental disengaging of Autopilot this week I got 3 Vios on Expert this is the reason yesterday I took off from Lax got to my cruising altitude but as I tried lowering my brightness I guess I accidentally clicked ap and caused my plane to lose control could not get it back I was gonna quit out of the app but already got vio that fast

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