Account Reset

Is it possible for my account stats to be reset. I would like to keep my Live Subscription and unlocked planes if possible. Thank you!!

Not really. Most will create a new profile when their subscription expires and start over.


Is there a way to transfer my planes that I have purchased?

Nope. Especially since you can’t buy single planes anymore. It’s all included in the Pro-Subscription.

Only items purchased separately will be available once your sub expires or is cancelled.

These purchases are linked to your Google-/AppleID-account (only the aircraft!). You should have them even when you start a new IF-account. (if you create a new account for the Play-/App-Store, you won’t have them anymore)

Wait can you still purchase aircraft separately from a pro sub? (Totally off the main topic but I am just curious)

Read this part!
Subscriptions are linked to your IF-account, that’s right. But the aircraft can be purchased without an IF-account (if you only play solo mode), they are linked to your Playstore-/Appstore-account.

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Is there a way to remove violations. When I first started the game I didn’t pay much attention to them and they piled up.

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No there is not. Creating a whole new account is the only way.

The other thing is to just fly correctly and over time your landings will outnumber the violations.

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Ok. Thank you Chris!