Account Reset after subscribing from a new apple ipad mini

Hi lost my grade 2 that I have been working hard for so that I could join servers that have live atc.

This happened just today when i subscribed using my new ipad mini. My first subscription was on my samsung account which had my hours and level 2. I don’t know why it did not transfered to my account when i susbcribed to my new ipad mini.


I have experienced this in the past. I would recommend emailing support. I think infinite flight support is the best they will solve any situation

Hey Mark!

I understand your frustration and I’ll try to help you with your subscription issue. It looks like you purchased a subscription on a brand new account after transferring from Android to iOS. A good way to check if this is the case is that your new account with the subscription has the display name “User-XXXX” followed by numbers instead of the Xs. If this is the case, you can email support with this email:

Make sure to include your old display name and callsign (which has all your stats - flight time, XP etc) and the same for your new account. This will ensure a prompt reply from Seb who will be able to assist you further. I hope that you can get access to your account soon, take care :)

Okay I will try, I hope it does work. Ive worked hard to get all that 25 landings which i know it wasnt hard to get but, it takes a lot of time to make 1 circuit. Which i cant afford to becuase im currently studying for my flight school

Are you signed into IF on both devices with the same gmail/Facebook?

Yes I am, in fact ive used same email and credential for subscriptions i dont know why it didnt show my hours and level i had on my new ipad

Hi yes, how do i pm him? Im new to the forum.

My old call sign was Captain Dan1el

Okay I’ve tried everything you’ve said and it didn’t work. In fact it also reseted my phone’s history too when i tried logging out and logging in ones again.

Ongoing via email :)