Account Recovery

Please help me! My problem is that i had infinity flight on my ipad and it was downloaded on another apple id but i have mistakenly uninstalled it but i did link my account but i just need the app please help me

@schyllberg can assist you :)

Can you not just download Infinite Flight using your other Apple ID?

It wont let me because i have to purchase the app again

Also that apple id was already deleted

Sure thing bro, I would need all the help i can ge :D

Alright. As previously mentioned, PM schyllberg or email with the following information and a description of your issue.

  • Display Name (not email)
  • Callsign
  • Device
  • Complete copy of purchase receipt (pasted or screenshot)

Do you have some sort of proof of purchase? You’ll probably need that.

I think i do

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Awesome. Send that in as part of your message to them. Make sure that the proof of purchase does NOT include any personal information (full credit card numbers, address, Social Security Number etc.)

Actually these directions are better
I did not see them. @Maxim

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Unfortunately there is no way to resolve this issue.
All app purchases and in-app purchases are tied to a specific Apple-ID (or Google account if you are using Android). We do not have the option to transfer purchases from one account to the other, and usually the stores does not allow this as well.

The only options for you in this case is to either repurchase the app, or try to restore your previous Apple-ID.

Sorry for the inconvenience!


Additionally you can call your bank and have a full investigation complete regarding this matter. Digital purchases are heavily regulated and depending on your jurisdiction, your issuing bank may have a word or two about this.

The investigation will come back to what actually happened and based on his story, they won’t do anything.

Ok. I’ll PM him then. Considering this is an international community I have no idea where you just decided to pull that information from since rules vary widely but if he decides to do that, I’ll ask him to report back on his findings. Go ahead and shoot me a PM @anon82246052 I’d love to have a chat with you.